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Below are some of the most common questions we get asked by those wishing to book the show. Hopefully your question has been answered, if not, drop us a quick message using our Contact Us page

For those of you with questions like: ‘What bubble juice do you use?’ and other questions along the lines of: What? Why? and How?

Well, these and more are answered in the Fun Stuff section. 


We hold Public Liability Insurance of up to 10 million pounds. 

All electrical equipment has been PAT and is clearly labelled. 

The show is fully Risk Assessed. 

Copies of all the above certificates are available upon request.


Due to current legislation and UK law, a DBS check is NOT required for this type of activity as Believe-A-Bubble is not classed as a regulated activity.

YES and NO. 


To get the maximum impact and enjoyment for your audience / guests, the ‘Believe-A-Bubble’ show should be booked for performances in an indoor venue. 

For outdoor performances we have created a seperate performance style, character and show specifically designed for entertaining audiences both large and small at outdoor events. Please visit our website: for more details.


We are able to adapt to most venues performance spaces however we would prefer a minimum of 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep if possible. 

If your venue is on the smaller side then it may not be possible to perform some of the larger bubble effects, but other just as impressive bubble effects will be substituted.

We DO require a standard electrical supply near to the performance area which must conform to the relevant safety standards. If it is in anyway deemed unsafe by the performer this may impact our ability to perform the show and will be deemed a breach of the booking terms and conditions.

– Draughts.

  • As far as is possible, please ensure the performance area is away from any doors that may be in use throughout the performance, and also away from major drafts such as air conditioning.  Any air conditioning units above or close to the performance area MUST be switched off for the performance duration.

– Smoke Detectors

  • If possible, please disable detectors near to the performance area. This can usually be achieved by either turning them off, or by disabling the relevant ‘zone’ from your fire systems control panel. If you don’t know how to do this, it may be possible for you to arrange for the local fire department to visit and provide you with a ‘cap’ to temporarily place over your detector.
  • During the show we use modified E-Cigs to produce clouds of ‘smoke’. In fact it is not smoke but harmless water vapour created by the use of 100% vegetable glycerine.
  • We also use a handheld steam generator to provide some of the bubble effects

– Parking

  • Please be sure to have a parking space – transit van sized – as close to the venues load in doors as possible. If parking close by is not available then please allow extra time for set up and pack down. Please note that having to park some distance away is NOT acceptable.
  • Any parking permits or fees are to be supplied or paid by the Booker or event planners in advance. If parking requirements are not met, this may have an impact on the ability to perform the show and will be deemed a breach of the booking terms and conditions.

Timings are determined by a range of factors. The ‘perfect’ venue will have access that goes straight onto the stage with parking right next to it. As these venues are very few and far between (unless it’s a theatre or arts centre) we have to take the following into consideration:

  • Do we have access to the venue as soon as we arrive
  • Is there suitable venue access right next to the stage with parking adjacent
  • Is the performance area up any stairs, if so is there a lift
  • Can we set the show up as soon as we have everything into the venue
  • Can we leave the show set up or do we have to clear the stage for other uses before our performance

All of the above have an effect on the length of time it takes to set up the show. For the majority of venues we average between 90 to 120 minutes to be fully set and the show moved into the wings or sides for other performers to use the stage. Longer if we need to bring in and set up a PA and or lighting.


As a rule of thumb, please allow 2 hours for the set up (3 if the venue is upstairs and or we have to bring in a PA and lighting)


For pack down we can have all items off the stage (including the floor) within 10 minutes IF there is suitable wing or storage space to put the equipment and props.  We also need space to move about and pack the show away.

If there is no wing or storage space, we can bring our own portable ‘wing’ where props can be moved into for pack down.


A rule of thumb for pack down at a typical venue would be two hours from walking of stage at the end of the show, to driving away from the venue. Please allow longer if we have to pack down our PA and or lighting.

Believe-A-Bubble is available in the following lengths:


 – 1 hour FULL show

– 45 minute show 

– 10, 15 or 30 minute spots suitable for inclusion in variety shows or guest spots

No, no limitations. In fact … the more the merrier.

We are able to adapt the content of our show to suit audiences of various sizes. From smaller intimate shows, to cabaret rooms and up to theatre sized audiences.

Audiences are more than welcome to take photos during the ‘cabaret’ style of show. No flash photography tho please. Please keep any video recording to under 3 minutes max. Actually watch the show rather than seeing through a tiny screen 🙂 


For theatre performances or performances where Believe-A-Bubble is part of a larger show photography and videography is strictly forbidden.


For the safeguarding of any children who may be called onstage to participate in the show – STRICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY 


If you DO take any photos or videos please DO upload and share them on our Facebook showpage: (opens in a new window.)

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By uploading and sharing your photo’s and or videos to our Facebook page, you agree that Believe-A-Bubble may use your photos and or videos for any promotion, advertising or marketing of the Believe-A-Bubble show. 

From time to time other questions and information may be added to this F.A.Q. so please check back occasionally. 


If you have any questions regarding the show that are not answered here, please feel free to drop us a message HERE

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