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About the award winning show Believe-A-Bubble

About the award winning show Believe-A-Bubble

Forget everything you thought you knew about soap bubbles. Believe-A-Bubble is an exciting show unlike anything you have ever seen before. Audience of all ages are sure to be enchanted.

Packed with audience participation throughout with adults and kids up onstage, you’ll smile; laugh and feel like a kid all over again!

Believe-A-Bubble is a superb and unique show that will amaze the whole family. Step into an interactive bubble world and be dazzled by spellbinding bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

Damian Jay

Damian Jay

It's TRUE!
Damian Jay HAS got the cleanest hands in show business.
He's also one of the most sought after entertainers on the cabaret circuit today.

Working hard to bring imaginative and highly visual entertainment to both clients and audiences consistently through the years. It's no wonder that Damian Jay is a name trusted and respected by Venues and bookers alike.

A sneaky peek at what goes on 'Behind the Scenes'

A sneaky peek at what goes on 'Behind the Scenes'

From Page to Stage
Just how do you take a wild idea and turn it into an entertainment art form?

What's involved in creating a show from scratch?

And just HOW do you fit all that equipment onto some very small stages?

And WHY do it at all?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more..

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