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We love chatting to everyone at the end of our shows where we’re frequently asked these questions:

‘How do you get such big bubbles?’  And   ‘Is that a special bubble mix?’

So in answer to the hundreds of curious question askers, here is a great bubble recipe you can make at home that will give you spectacular bubbles. Everything you need can be purchased from your local supermarket at little cost and provide you with hours of fun.

What you Need:

This will make 5 litres of excellent bubble juice

Enough for a full day / afternoon of bubbling fun

• 4500 ml or  4.5 litres WARM tap water

• 230 ml Fairy Original washing up liquid (The green Fairy is best. Do not use the anti bacterial version)

• 30 ml Vegetable Glycerine (Available from boots in bottles with a blue cap. Note this is NOT the cough glycerince - that version won’t work)

•  15 g Baking powder DO NOT use Baking Soda.

• 10 g Xantham Gum (Available from health food and home baking supply shops. Asda or Sainsburys sell it too.)

• Wooden Spoon

• Measuring jug / jugs and a bucket.

If you want more or less bubble mix scale up or down the ingredients as required.

 How to mix your bubble juice for superb giant bubbles

1 - In a bucket measure in 4 litres of warm tap water. Keep 500 ml back for later on.

2 - Measure out the Xantham Gum and Baking Powder and place them BOTH into a small container or short tumbler. You need to have room to add in the Glycerine


Add to your powders Two tablespoons of glycerine. It doesn't matter if you put slightly more in. using the handle of a teaspoon carefully stir the powders and Glycerine together. you want to create a smooth mix with no lumps. this may take a minute or two. this is called 'Slurrying' this will stop the Xantham Gum from clumping when added to the water.

4 - Back to the water in the bucket. Take your wooden spoon and carefully stir the water in a circular motion. You need to go fast enough to create a vortex motion (similar effect to water going down a plug hole) Keep your stirring smooth and steady. you want to avoid making froth.

5 - Into this vortex add in your now slurryied Xantham Gum and Baking Powder.  Add slowly while stirring and avoid any froth. This will fizz and generate a froth on the top of the mix. KEEP STIRRING smoothly until the froth and fizzing have gone. Approximately 2 minutes.

Use the teaspoon you used earlier to scrape all the mix into the bucket.


Continue stirring every 2 - 3 minutes for the next 20 minutes. This will ensure the Xantham Gum will hydrate fully and you get a stable and well mixed bubble juice.  You should feel the mix get slightly thicker throughout this process.

7 - Pour the remaining 2 tablespoons of Glycerine into the mix and give it a stir.

8 - Now measure out your 230 ml of Fairy Liquid. Start stirring the mix in your bucket into a vortex motion again and when you have a steady vortex SLOWLY pour in the detergent. Try to avoid making any froth.

9 - Now add the last 500 ml of tap water into the jug you had the detergent in and gently (avoid making froth or bubbles) swirl this round to get the remaining detergent.

10 - Slowly pour the last 500 ml or tap water and detergent into your bucket.

11 -  Using a vortex motion again, mix the contents of the bucket slowly and smoothly, try not to create bubbles or froth.

12 - DONE

Carefully pour some of this mix into suitable containers and go and have lots of bubble fun.


While this mix is ready to go after following steps 1 - 12 above, for the very best best results mix up in the morning and leave stand partially covered for 24 hours. There will be a bit of sediment at the bottom of the container, this is normal and you don’t need to stir it into the mix.

 Don't forget to post some pictures of you and your family having lots of bubbly fun on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/believeabubble


Any unused mix can be bottled and stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight for a few weeks. Empty pop or milk bottles rinsed and dried are perfect or this. Just be sure to take the labels off and write clearly on the bottle ‘BUBBLE JUICE -DO NOT DRINK’

Also it’s a good idea NOT bottle or store used mix as this will deteriorate and 'go off' very quickly

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